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Right, so the new Promark FireGrain's are out in a couple days so I'm preordering the now. Here's the thing. I'm a 5A kind of guy, but I'm looking at the 5A Rebound or Forward.
Anyone played the standard stick of either and notice any difference in either?

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There is a real difference between the two in my opinion.

Rebound) The rebounds are perfect for young guys like me (I'm 16),who don't really have the finger strength or endurance to keep a high speed roll up for a long amount of time, or those who may be new to high speed drumming and need a helping hand with getting the stick back up.


Forward) If you feel you can keep up a high tempo, the Forward has a heavier front that gives you more power without needing you to hit any harder. Good for people who feel they are drowned out when they are playing, however takes some serious getting used to.

Personally I don't use either, but use a Promark 747. This is the only reason I myself haven't pre-ordered a pair, in the hope that they will add this size later on. 

This is only my thoughts on the sticks so say if I got anything wrong or if you have any comments!
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